Instructions are for the CSF-3XL cat Super Feeder®, but basic operation is the same for all Super Feeders®.

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Remote timers shown are optionally supplied

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(1) First, install one clear extension on feeder and secure it with one small screw and washer (in feeder hardware bag) on one side only , opposite side of chute opening that will face the " L" shaped metal bracket. (2) Install the bracket with four 3/8" long screws located in feeder hardware bag. (3)Install metal strap with one small screw and no washer on front side. (4) Install "L" bracket and retaining strap to wood mount of your own with two large head screws on each side of bracket (4 ea. Supplied in feeder hardware bag), or as directed by plastic stand instructions using eight ¼ inch long screws. (5) Plug power adapter plug into feeder jack. (6) Plug power adapter directly into wall outlet, and feeder should "dry" run for one cycle along with a steady "power-on" green or blue light in housing (depending on model). (7) Adjust black "volume" screw so opening between roller and gate is about the size of food so it does not drop straight through and fill feeder with dry food. Some pieces may initially fall through. (8) Lift rubber plug to expose feed time controls, place bowl under feeder and push reset switch momentarily to activate feeder. If not enough food was dispensed, turn white *dial (9) clockwise, then push reset switch again and note amount of food dispensed. If too much food came out, turn *dial counterclockwise. Always turn *dial in extremely fine increments! If still not enough food is dispensed at maximum time setting, turn the volume screw (7) counterclockwise and try again. If still not enough, program extra feed cycles with remote timer. Time duration of feeder's own adjustable feed cycle is what primarily determines amount of food dispensed, not the remote timer. When the rubber plug is closed (10), push the right side labeled "push" for additional feed cycles while the feeder is powered (no need to open rubber plug). (11) After completing steps 5 through 9, go to page 4 or 5 to program one of our most common timers. Any other timer of your own can be used and programmed similarly to operate your Super Feeder. Basically, the number of on-off cycles you timer has is the number of feed cycles available. If included, install the 1.5 gallon hopper (12) on top of one clear extension (only one recommended with large hopper) of two supplied with basic feeder, securing it with one small screw and metal washer on each side (instructions are included with the large hopper). Only tighten as needed to lock hopper in place. You will not need upper hopper strap with short vertical mount. Finish filling your feeder with dry food.

NOTE: Terminal strip underneath feeder may be used instead of plug for direct bare wire hook-up to keep your pet away from jack plug/wire. FEEDER ONLY APPROVED FOR 9 TO 24 VOLT AC OR DC---ANY OTHER POWER ADAPTER WITH THAT VOLTAGE RANGE CAN BE USED. DO NOT POWER WITH HIGHER VOLTAGE BECAUSE YOU WILL VOID WARRANTY!!

It is highly recommended that you periodically inspect and remove excess food residue that may have accumulated on the slide at the chute's outlet. Never use sharp objects to clean parts of your feeder, especially the special stick resistant and flexible polypropylene slide. A soft dampened cloth works best to wipe off excess food residue. For a thorough cleaning of your Super Feeder®, you may clean the interior of your feeder by brushing the roller with a tooth brush and wiping the inside parts with a damp cloth. You may also remove the six small screws retaining the base of the feeder. The base will come out with gear box and electronics board all in one piece. You can then submerge the whole upper housing in soapy water for a while and flush it all out under a faucet. Thoroughly dry it and re-assemble the base while holding the feeder upside down, making sure that the slide shaker loop wire is resting against the bottom of the slide so the slide will shake.

The shaking action of the distribution slide is primarily designed to help expel food and prevent clogging. It is also used to alert your pet at meal time like a slot machine. If you want a quieter operation, you can disable that feature as follows: Facing the chute outlet, lift slide, and using a thin small object, flip the trip-wire loop underneath the slide forward and down (toward you) and away from the bottom of the slide. Note: You should not disable shaking action if using a chute cover! Use the smallest food possible with the chute cover. Quarter inch round pellets are perfect and recommended!


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Visit our Video Page for a YouTube link.

Although these installation instructions are for the CSF-3 cat feeder, basic operation is the same for all Super Feeders®. Tip: You do not need to use a screwdriver each time to remove/lock lid in place, just squeeze upper front and back sides of hopper or extension.

* Portion control dial may be a component with a slotted brass screw-shaft adjustment serving the same purpose.

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