Dc timers for Super Feeders or personal projects- required if you do not have access to a 120 Volt outlet. You can use most of these timers with a 12 Volt battery. There are many different Dc timers available with various voltage ranges 6-48 Dc or Ac. Digital or Analog programming. 15 amps average contact current ratings.

Click here for pdf of DC timer spec sheet.

Click on images to see many of the timers available for purchase and specifications.

Timer group
Outdoor Timer

How to also use this feeder with a home automation system

Many are available. You can use a system like X-10, Xfinity Home or the "Belkin WeMo Switch" available on Amazon.

Wemo link to Amazon


Relays and Timer circuits- You may want to consider one of the electronic timer boards we use in our feeders to further break down 1 minute of "ON" time into second increments or even split second increments. Our PCB's are solid state timers that you can use in conjunction with the above timers (6 to 24VDC only) or a 120 V timer using a power adapter (6-24 Volt AC or DC). You then very simply adjust the "ON" time with the turn of a small dial from a split second to approximately 70 seconds. If you need to power something with high current draw, you can connect it to a relay with appropriate contact rating. For more details about our timer boards and relays, click on the "Relay" or "PCB" image.

Relays for larger current ratings
PCB 1, 2, or 3

Power Adapters

Outdoors weather proof 120volt timers and power adapters- Perfect set-up for your outdoor Super Feeder®. There are various timers and power adapters available. Please click image to see particular item or go to our online store

Power Adapters
Outdoors power adapter
Outdoors timer
Outdoors timer

Basic 120 volt timers/ digital/ analog- Click on image for a variety of timers for your Super Feeder® or home applications.

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120 volt digital/ analog timers


Accessories for your Super Feeder®. Please click image to see particular item or go to our online store.

1.5 Gallon Hopper Food Extension

Wire Wire