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?         Multi-purpose automatic feeder for distribution of most types of dry pet foods including flakes, pellets, granules, sunflower seeds, etc?Three basic models are available:  Aquarium, Koi-Pond, and Cat/Small-Animal.  Appropriate model must be chosen for anticipated application.  Moist pellet type cat food is acceptable. Feeder may also be suitable for other types of dry foods not listed here (please see ?Specifications? on box).


?         Hundreds have been used in lab experiments and animal research for distribution of dry pelletized material.  They have been extensively used for training police dogs.  The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture currently uses our Super Feeders? for various applications.  A wide variety of animals can be trained with our Super Feeders using the task-and-reward approach. Each feeder's unique electronic system can be activated manually through a foot pad, or animal operated switch with very minor modifications, or as is via a computer with a power module.  Lots of possibilities...Anybody there looking to design a web-to-home auto-feed system? Lots of possibilities. For a good example, check the links below for a perfect source of a web system match for your Super Feeder!

Home Automation Superstore

?         Perfect for feeding fish, turtles, cats, small dogs, guinea pigs, rats, birds, rabbits, swans, etc?it will dispense a whole variety of dry food or materials.  Not recommended for powder materials.


    ONE-YEAR WARRANTY              SUPER FEED?, MANSFIELD, TX                MADE IN USA 




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All Super Feeders have been thoroughly tested and found to be extremely dependable in providing your pet(s) with timely meals; however, as with any machine, your feeder should be monitored at regular intervals for proper operation. If you anticipate being away for an extended period of time where a lack of food could cause harm or even death to your pet(s), you should make arrangements with someone to inspect your feeder at regular intervals.

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